Enjoyed using the kit:  $19.95 Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Kit

I want to say that I enjoyed using the kit.  It contained everything needed to make Mozzarella cheese including pictures and step-by-step instructions.  This kit helped us reach our goal of making cheese.  The kit even included directions on how to calibrate the thermometer that came with the kit.  Very thorough.  An excellent kit at a very afffordable price for 30 batches of Mozzarella cheese!

Irene Deem

Apertif Molds, 12 per order

They are so cute, right out of Alice in Wonderland!

David L.

We considered moving to The Cheese Connection as early as 2013 and are happy we finally did.  We chose to give our other distributor another chance and it wasn’t a good experience.  We had worked with Kallijah and identified pricing and volume needs and she confirmed that The Cheese Connection would be able to meet our requirements.  Even after she had gone to great lengths to find some culture strains for us in the market, we felt we should give our current distributor another chance.  We explained this to her and she graciously said, “If you should ever change your mind, just call us back and we will be here.”  Unfortunately, this year we had a large order from one of our current organic store customers and the supplier we gave another chance couldn’t meet our culture order.  We called Kallijah and she moved extremely fast and we had specialty cultures to us within one week so we could still meet our client’s demands.  Needless to say, we are now a customer of The Cheese Connection.  Great service, excellent selection, competitive prices and a calm demeanor throughout our entire ordeal!

Mark Leisen

The Cheese Connection is a fantastic resource for all cheesemaking supplies. They have a great variety of cultures and the biggest supply of cheese molds around. Prices are very competitive. Kallijah is always willing to answer any question or fulfill a special request. Definitely one of my go-to cheesemaking suppliers and I highly recommend them.

Katie Moore

Best selection, service & prices online. Looking forward to ordering enough to be a part of their loyalty program.

Carolyn Driscoll Lawson

I ordered a Cheese Connection product from Amazon,   Amazon really messed up my order. I called the Cheese Connection directly. Not only were they friendly and very willing to correct Amazon’s mistake, they send it out on a Saturday from Washington state and I got it in Charlotte, NC on Monday!!  Great service. Will order from them directly next time!!!