Twin Sisters Creamery

Kallijah stands at the cheese vat with you explaining what the cultures are doing and helped refine our culture blend for our Whatcom Farmhouse White Cheese.  What a wonderful resource right here in Washington state so we do not need to wait for a consultant to come from the Midwest!!  We were recognized for this cheese at ACS 2018!  Thank you Kallijah!!

Valley Ford Cheese

Kallijah, we wanted to Thank You for helping refine our Gorgonzola recipe.  We had hired and worked with another consultant for over two years and no matter what we did the Gorgonzola was not creamy.  You worked with us on refining our cultures and introduced some French cultures that have made all the difference in the world!  We won Gold at the California State Fair this year and wanted to share this award with you and tell you Thank You!!!

Jenn Pagano, Gatekepper Logistics, Inc.

Good afternoon,


I wanted to let you know what a great surprise it was to receive my order today considering I had ordered on Tuesday!  Had I known priority mail from WA to PA and your quick fulfillment would take 2 days, i would have ordered much more.  I ordered on 8/29 cultures, etc. from a place in NY (which is 1 state away) and still haven’t received it due to product delays overseas.  Be assured that if that order hasn’t shipped by tomorrow, I’ll be placing my order with you or in the near future!!

Lois Reichert, Reichert’s Dairy Air, Iowa

I have been meaning to call and tell you that I figured out the dosage on the liquid Geo and it is AMAZING! It has taken my Robiola from great to out of this world! Thank you for bringing Bioprox here and I can’t wait to try some new things next year!

Kenneth Fuhr

Review for Forma Formaggio Mold, #33761 w/Top Collar

This is an excellent mold, very stury with small feet to help with draining.  There are plenty of side and bottom holes also to help with draining.  It will hold curd from 4 gallons of milk with no problem.  I have used this mold several times and have had no problems with it.

Dimity Cottage

Italian Made Cheese Trier – 7 cm

What a beautiful addition to my cheese making kitchen.  Very well made and will certainly suit my 1 kg size cheese that I make and the price was well below any other cheese supplier I could find!

Chase Knowlin

Product:  Yogurt Culture Type I by Biena.

Excellent customer support and high quality products.  The Cheese Connection customer representative will answer phone, text and email questions.  A great resource and extremely knowledgeable too.



I love it!  A curd cutter for the home cheesemaker at an affordable price.  Works great!  Thank You Cheese Connection!!!

Dimitry Cottage

Ashes to Ashes:  Cheese Ash Shaker

So please to have received this cheese ash shaker.  It has a fine mesh so I can easily distribute the cheese ash in a microfine layer over my cheeses, plus I have no more black fingers!


Completely awesome!   Curd Cutter

This is a great product for stainless steel pots!  Works great for cutting the curds!