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KL71 and DH enables assimilation and/or fermentation of carbohydrates, produces flavor, provides neutralizing power in combination with corynebacteria.

KL71, 10 dose:   KL71 is a ripening culture of Kluyveromyces lactis yeast. This yeast is often found in many traditional raw bloomy, smeared, and washed-rind cheeses. It is a rapid deacidifier with aromatic gas and small eye formation properties.  While most cheese yeast develop on the rind surface due to their oxygen dependency, Kluyveromyces is anaerobic so it works in the absence of oxygen inside the body of the cheese as well as on the rind surface.  It is also unique as it metabolizes lactose like a lactic bacteria. 

Use KL71 to improve flavor and aroma, to accelerate and strengthen growth surface flora, and to increase microflora biodiversity to actively prevent contamination and unwanted molds.

KL71 works very well in conjunction with other yeasts (such as DH), ripening blends (such as bacteria linen SR3 and PLA), and staphylococci (such as Danisco MVA).  For full effect, add directly to the milk.  For rind-only treatment add only to the wash or spray solution.

Recommended dosage: is 1 dose per 500 liters / 130 gallon milk.  Available in 10-dose sachet size. Made in France.

DH Yeast, 10 dose:  DH is a culture of Debaryomyces hansenii, an aromatic yeast culture commonly found in traditional surface ripened cheeses. It is one of the most effective yeasts for surface neutralization. It has strong growth, high resistant to salt and preservatives, and the ability to suppress contaminating molds. It is beneficial and highly compatible with desired fungi such as B.Linen and P. Candidum. While DH is almost flavorless, it will enhance color and aroma. Its proteolytic properties also help with texture development. It is a great addition to bloomy, washed, and smeared cheeses and one of the only yeast that can survive the high salinity of Blue cheeses. Use by directly inoculating into the milk and/or inoculating the wash/spray/smear solution. Recommended dosage is 1 dose per 265 gallons / 1,000 liters milk. Sold in 10-dose sachets.  Made in France.

Kosher, Non-GMO and HALAL

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