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Geotrichum Candidum, Powder or Liquid

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Geotrichum Candidum is naturally present in dairy milk and in environment, and it is a key in the development of almost all cheeses. It influences the look, texture, and flavor of the cheese. It also neutralizes the surface acidity by consuming lactate, which prepares it for the growth of other molds and yeasts. It improves texture and stimulates flora growth, it stabilizes the rind, reduces bitterness and produces a variety of flavor and aroma compounds.

Bioprox, Liquid for quick implantation and maximum effect in cheese:

GC041, 10 Doses (Lactose free): Fast implantation for soft ripened cheeses such as Camembert, Brie and Cambozola with a smooth texture and white colored, mold surface style cheeses. (compare to Danisco Geotrichum Candidum 17).

GC042, 10 doses (Lactose free):  Fast implantation for washed-rind cheeses and those oozy traditional French Camembert cheeses like Camembert and Reblochon.  Also used in Munster and Raclette cheeses.  Delivers a cream-colored and yeast-like surface. (Out of stock)

GC064, 10 doses (Lactose free):  Powerful in deacidifying curd fasts during and after the basic cultures have metabolized.  Helps mature the cheese quicker.  Delivers and intermediate white colored surface with strong aroma.  Excellent for Camembert, Brie and Cambozola style cheeses.  (Compare to Danisco Geotrichum Candidum 17). Out of stock.

GC065, 10 doses (Liquid or Powder form) (Lactose free):  Reduces the risk of fungal contamination, improving texture and taste via a high enzymatic activity.   Delivers a creamy white colored mold like surface and produces milk flavor notes.  (Compared to Geotrichum 13 and 15).  Powder is in stock. 

GC071, 10 doses (Lactose free):  The Geotrichum that creates the slightly “wavy/brainy” look in goat and sheep milk cheeses as they age, provides deacidification power and fast growth on curd surface.  An ivory-white cream like appearance with strong drying power, yeast like appearance and lends to a particularly “natural raw milk flavor”.  (Compared to Danisco Geotrichum 15 and 17).  Out of stock.

Danisco, Powdered:

Geotrichum 13, 10 doses: Geotrichum Candidum 13 is a classic strain of Geotrichum Candidum, perfect for lactic goat and cow milk cheeses as well as Camembert and Brie. It grows slowly and develops good texture with medium flavor. Its texture is somewhere between the moldy look of Geo 17 and the yeasty look of Geo 15.

Geotrichum 15, 10 doses:  Geo 15, the yeast strain of Geotrichum Candidum. Perfect for cheeses that require a smooth surface, or pre-yeasting cycle; perfect for washed and mixed rind cheeses like Reblochon or for smeared, or brushed rind Tommes. It will also work well in bloomy and lactic cheeses. When comparing with Geo 13 and 17, the Geo 15 strain features a creamier color, it is less proteolytic, and has a slightly lower optimum growth temperature. It does not develop the “brainy”/”wormy” texture of some other Geo strains.  Geo 15 will typically start off as a slimy covering but after it has been covered with other moulds it may grow through them as a dry loose top layer dusting (less mycelium, more arthrospores).

Geotrichum 17, 10 doses:  Geotrichum Candidum 17 is a mold-like strain.  Works great for combination with Penicillium Candidum; great for traditional lactic and bloomy cheeses. It is ideal for the creation of “brainy”/”wormy” looking rustic rinds. It has more texture than Geo 13 and Geo 15 yet has similar flavor strength. It has a similar white color, proteolytic activity, and optimal temperature to Geo 13 but it grows at a faster speed, more like the Geo 15.

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