Cheese Marking Labels




FDA approved cheese marking labels made of casein naturally become part of the rind of a semi-hard and hard cheese.  Made in France, these will easily identify each lot and wheel of cheese for trace-ability purposes and become a beautiful part of your cheese.

An original cheese mark provides consumers with the guarantee that the product has certain characteristics and will comply with FDA trace-ability requirements.  By adding the mark to the cheese at the earliest production stage, it becomes an integral part of the product.  The cheese mark and cheese become one and cannot be removed without leaving a trace.

The Kaasmerck Group has the technology to design and develop the optimal cheese mark for every cheese.  Made from 100% casein or mixed with glycerol, all marks and inks are fully food-grade and meet the strictest FDA requirements.

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Cheese Mark Label

Clear Oval 45mm X 30mm, Green Square 35mm X 35mm Cheese Label, Oval Green 45mm Cheese Label, Oval Red 45mm Cheese Label