Canestrato Guinco Cheese Mold

From: $3.85

Select from three difference size of Italian cheese molds, Canestrato Guinco.  These molds have many performations around the sides and bottoms for semi-hard to hard cheese to drain as they can be stacked 4 deep and are considered gravity draining molds.

Holds 1000 Grams:  Internal Top Diameter:  5.50 inches; bottom internal diameter: 5.00 inches; and height 3.25 inches.

Holds 1800 grams:  Internal Top Diameter: 6.25 inches; bottom internal diameter 5.75 inches; and height 5.75 inches.

Holds 2000 grams:  Internal Top Diameter:  7.25 inches; bottom internal diameter: 6.50 inches; and height 6.25 inches.

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