Camembert or Brie French Tasting Hafnia Alvei (AF036), 50 Units


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In a traditional French Camembert or Brie the French use AF036, Hafnia Alvei.  This liquid big eye cheesemaking bacteria for Camembert or Brie, Hafnia has a lovely French aroma and taste.  This is added directly to the vat with the acidifying culture and can be used as a spritzer to further help mature the rind.  As this culture has a short shelf-life it may only be suitable for the licensed cheesemaker.  This product is shipped with an ice block; therefore, the weight of shipping is a little more than usual.  AF036 should be refrigerated upon arrival to retain the integrity of the liquid bacteria for aroma, flavor and maximum cheese paste development.  The net weight of the product is 200 milliliters.

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