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Some of the finest lipases comes from New Zealand.  Calf, Lamb and Kid-Goat Lipase are specifically blended for our store to ensure 80 cfu/gram for enhancing the aroma and flavor of cheese.  The 80 cfu/gram are active lipase enzymes that produce a specific ratio of free fatty acids as a result of milkfat lipolysis when added directly to warmed milk.   The lipase powders are extracted from pre-gastric tongue root glands of calves, lambs or kid-goats.

We offer three types of lipase in 100 gram (100 gram free samples are available to licensed cheesemakers) and 500 gram quantities:

Calf Pregastric Lipase:  An all purpose lipase that address a buttery and delicate to taste to your cheese.  This can be used in any type of cheese for a slightly enhanced flavor.  Renco lipase 80 lfg/gram.

Lamb Pregastric Lipase:  This lipase is a sharper piquant flavor.  This traditional flavor works well in Pecorino, Grana and Manchego styles of cheeses.  Renco lipase 80 lfg/gram.

Kid-Goat Pregastric Lipase:  This lipase is extra piquant with an aromatic, spicy flavor and typically used in aged goat milk cheeses, Provolone, Feta, or Romano. Renco lipase 80/lfg/gram.

Suggested Usage Amount:  Add desired amount to 20 times its weight in cool, non-chlorinated water. Stir solution frequently over a period of 10 minutes, stirring just prior to addition to milk. Add to the milk in vat 10 minutes prior to the addition of coagulant.

For 1,000 lbs.of cheese milk:
0.10 – 0.25 oz (mild flavor)
0.25 – 0.50 oz (medium flavor)
0.5 oz or higher (strong flavor)

For 1,000 liter/264 gallons for cheese milk:
7 – 16 grams (mild flavor)
16 – 32 grams (medium flavor)
32 grams or higher (strong flavor)

Ingredients in Renco Calf and Lamb Lipase:  Lipase extract, sodium chloride and maltodextrin.

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Calf, Lamb or Kid Goat Lipase

Renco Calf Pregastic Lipase Powder, 100 grams, Renco Kid-Goat Pregastic Lipase, 100 grams, Renco Lamb Pregastric Lipase, 100 grams, Blue Ice Blanket, Renco Calf Pregastric Lipase 500 grams, Renco Kid Goat Pregastric Lipase, 500 grams, Renco Lamb Pregastric Lipase, 500 grams

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