Annatto Cheese Coloring


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Double Strength, food grade, GRAS annatto is a water based coloring naturally derived from the annatto tree of South America. This double-strength annatto imparts an appealing yellow color to your cheese, ice cream and any other food.  Most cheeses will yellow slightly in the aging process, but if you want a stronger yellow color immediately this will provide that natural coloring if the correct dosage per your recipe is used.  The composition of this product is water, annatto, potassium hydroxide and castor oil.  To add the traditional yellow look to cheese us about 20-30 drops (.2 to 3 tsp.) per gallon of milk before adding the calcium chloride and rennet.  This annatto can be stored in a cool dark and dry environment and has an indefinite shelf life.  Please shake well before using.

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Annatto Cheese Coloring

Annatto, 16 ounces, Annatto, 32 ounces, Annatto, 8 ounces