Brown Cheese Wrapper

Brown wrapper made specifically for cheese.  This Brown cheese wrapper is single ply and commonly used for wrapping semi-hard and hard cheeses once aging has finished and for the retail store. Available: in sizes: Entire roll: 14.00 inches wide by … Continued

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Cellophane Cheese Wrappers

Cellophane Cheeses Wrappers, select from: Cellophane Wrappers, Non-Perforated: For lactic and rennet made soft cheeses for clients that want their cheese to show, but allow no aroma to escape.  

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Cheese Journal

Pocket sized Formaticum cheese journal in black and white. Each journal log includes lines for: Cheese type, Date, Origin, Producer, Cheesemonger, Food Pairing, Wine and Notes. There are also rating categories 1 through 5, (Texture)-6 grades, Type of Rind and … Continued

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Crystal Cheese Wrapper

Crystal Cheese Wrappers: for lactic and rennet made soft cheeses with Geotrichum and/or yeast rinds.  A client also uses this for butter and indicates it works perfectly.  Can also be used with white mold and bacteria linens washed cheeses.  Great … Continued

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CSK Cheese Coating

CSK Cheese Coating for semi-hard and hard cheeses is the most suitable form to improve the conditioning, flavor and appearance of cheese during ripening and storage.  Besides the appearance and packaging of cheese, the quality is mainly determined by the … Continued

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Expecto Standard Cheese Wrapper

Expecto Standard Cheese Wrappers: A reversible cheese wrapper.  For white mold, washed rind and combination cheeses with geotrichum and/or yeast cheeses. Sizes available: 8″ X 8″ (210mm X 210mm) 10″ X 10″ (250mm X 250mm) 12″ x 12″ (300mm X 300mm) Purchase in lots of: … Continued

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Papier Croute Fleurie Cheese Wrapper

Papier Croute Fleurie Wrappers: For Lactic and Rennet made cheeses with white mold rings.  Papier Croute Fleurie will also work for blue molded exterior soft cheeses.  A soft textured cheese or molded rind that requires good exchange of oxygen and CO2 … Continued

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Paramelt Cheese Wax

Paramelt Cheese Wax, a formulation of paraffin, microcrystalline wax and food grade coloring.  This product protects against unwarranted bacteria on your cheese and natural cheese shrinkage during the aging process.  This product is pliable and will not become brittle and break. … Continued

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PolyFlex Cheese Wrapper

Polyflex Cheese Wrapper:  A cheese wrapper for all types of cheese at the retail shop or at home for inside the refrigerator.  This is not a ripening paper, but instead a wrapper to store cheese in.  It has a coating … Continued

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Silver Cheese Wrapper for Blue Cheese

Silver cheese wrapper for Blue Cheese.  Wrap your Blue Cheese in the silver cheese wrapper developed specialty for Blue Style Cheeses.  This wrapper is silver on the outside and has protective white layer on the inside for the blue cheese. … Continued

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