Spruce Bark Strips

Spruce Bark Strips to wrap your Camembert, Brie, Mont d’or and Cambozola cheeses.

Spruce Bark Strips, known as Sangles in Europe are hand-harvested in the age old tradition by artisan Sangliers.  Sangliers have been harvesting Sangles for over 200 years high in the Jura mountain range.  The Sangles are harvested from the Cambian layer just under the bark of Spruce trees with a special tool and the soft inner, pliable layer is then cut to size and naturally dried.

The old world style Spruce Sangle will enhance your cheese and instill a very unique look and flavor while holding the ripening curd together as it matures into a melting and almost liquid curd.  .

As a thin rind starts to form on your curd, a delicate geotrichum bloom will breaks down the firm paste imparting a creamy texture and yeasty flavor.  A fluffy white mold will coat the cheese and interact with the geotrichum to ripen the cheese and give the cheese a crumpled appearance.  Once fully ripened, your cheese will have a oozy, tender rind with a pleasing aroma.

DIMENSIONS: Approximataly 40″ Long x 1″ High, so you save money and can cut to the length you desire for your cheese.

QUANTITY: 6 Cambium Sangle Strips

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