Cheese Wrappers

Cheese wrappers with a very distinct use for each.

Papier Croute Fleurie Wrappers: For Lactic and Rennet made cheeses with white mold rings.  Papier Croute Fleurie will also do for blue molded exterior soft cheeses.  A soft textured cheese or molded rind that requires good exchange of oxyen and CO2 will do well in this paper, but should be tested first as not all cheeses react the same.  The non-shiny side of this wrapper is placed against the cheese.

Crystal Cheese Wrappers:  For lactic and rennet made soft cheeses with Geotrichum and/or yeast rinds.  Can also be used with white mold and bacteria linens washed cheeses.  Great for transparency and for soft cheeses with slightly more moisture to manage as the interior paper is thicker than the standard cheese wrapper for molded cheeses.  The non-shiny side if placed against the cheese.

Expecto Standard Cheese Wrappers: A reversible cheese wrapper.  For white mold, washed rind and combination cheeses with geotrichum and/or yeast cheeses.

Polyflex Wrappers:  A cheese wrapper for all types of cheese at the retail shop or at home for inside the refrigerator. This is not a ripening paper, but instead a wrapper to store cheese in.  It has a coating on the interior of the paper to keep unwanted aromas from escaping.  This wrappers uses 30% less Paputyl cheese wrapper in the make process versus Expecto standard.  The shiny side of the paper is on the outside of the cheese.  The non-shiny side is placed against the cheese.

Cellophane Wrappers, Non-Perforated: For lactic and rennet made soft cheeses for clients that want their cheese to show, but allow no aroma to escape.

Brown Cheese Wrapper:  This is a one ply brown cheese wrapper and most commonly used to wrap semi-hard or hard cheeses that are ready for market.

Silver Cheese Wrapper specifically for Blue Cheese:  These wrappers are specifically designed to protect Blue Cheese once ready to eat.  This is the same quality silver cheese wrapper with white interior to protect blue cheese.

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Showing all 6 results