Plastic or Stainless Steel cheese form/hoops that assist in shape and draining of the curd.

Blue or Brie Cheese Mold with Bottom
Traditional blue cheese mold used in Italy.
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Brining Bowl, Strainer and Lid

These are the perfect set for brining your Mozzarella, Pasta Filata and/or Feta and other cheeses! 61004:  For use as a brining mold for Mozzarella, Pasta Filata Cheese and Feta. Holds: 1 pound 3 ounces to 3 pounds 4 ounces of … Continued

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Caciotta Mold
Italian Caciotta Molds
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Camembert and Brie Molds
Camembert and Brie Cheese Molds.
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Crottin Mold
French Chevrottin Cheese Mold
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Edam Mold and Follower Lid
Edam molds from Denmark.
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Feta & Ricotta Cheese Molds

Select from eight different Feta & Ricotta Cheese Molds traditionally used throughout Europe.  All molds are made with Dairythene plastic. 2# Ricotta Mold-Round:  Holds 2 pounds or 907 grams of curd.  Top Internal Diameter:  4.00″, Bottom Internal Diameter:  3.25″ and … Continued

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Goat Cheese Molds
Select from 8 different traditional Goat Cheese Molds from France.
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Gouda Mold and Follower Lid

Select from four different Gouda Mold, Follower Lid with and without butter muslin liner sets: 8 ounce Gouda Mold & Follower Lld with or without butter muslin liners:  Holds 8 ounces or 225 grams of curd. Internal Diameter: 3.50″ Internal … Continued

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Italian Basket Weave Molds
Italian Basket Weave Molds with traditional basket weave in the bottom of the mold.
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Italian Crotonese Molds
Traditional Italian Crotonese Molds
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