Yogurt cultures are heat loving cultures that commonly have acidophilus or probiotics as part of the culture base. Some yogurt cultures also have bulgaricus and specific strains of yogurti.


Kefir is a blend of cultures used in making fermented milk and kefir.  The culture contains strains developed from kefir grains for the production of flavors and a low production of gas. Kefir DC by Danisco:  Blend of Lactococcus lactis … Continued

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Yogurt Culture

Select from different yogurt cultures by Bioprox and Danisco.   Bioprox of France (Yo-prox YBA986 has Probiotics): Yo-Prox 569, 50 Units (rotation culture Yo-Prox 570):  Our commercial, artisan and farmstead yogurt makers who prefer a Bulgaricus type yogurt culture, this … Continued

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