Cheeses are susceptible to bacteria, mold and listeria. These products assist in helping deter undesired pathogens in and on the cheese.

Bioprox Bioprotectives

Bioprotective cultures assist in protecting your cheese and preventing is from pathogens, moulds, yeasts and harmful bacteria, late blowing and some of the bioprotective cultures also eat the galactose in the cheese which is very important.  Your Cheese Connection representative … Continued

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Holdbac Bioprotective Cultures

Holdbac is a line of bioprotectant cultures by Danisco.  Our store offers the following Holdbac cultures:   Holdbac LC: For semi-hard and emmental style cheeses.  Protects against:  Clostridium, Microorganisms, yeasts, moulds and heterofermentative lactobacilli.  Extends shelf life of product.  Composition:  Lactobacillus rhamnosus. … Continued

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LysoLac (A natural cheese preservative)

LysoLac is a safe and natural way to protect your cheese. LYSOLAC an enzyme present in milk, animals, insects and plants, is one of Nature’s most powerful antimicrobial and antiviral compounds. 100% pure and natural Lysozyme, LYSOLAC is the one … Continued

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Sodium Nitrite, Anhydrous

To extend the shelf life of cheese, cheese makers will use Food Grade Sodium Nitrite as a preservative.  For a natural preservative, clients will use LysoLac which is also available in our store.

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