Commercial Account

We offer Commercial Accounts which are eligible for volume discounts

If you are a licensed commercial dairy, licensed cheesemaker, food processor for resale, licensed business and/or distributor of cheese making supplies or accredited educational institution you are eligible for a Commercial account and The Cheese Connection benefits below:

  • Consulting advice and cheese evaluation by our team.
  • Recipes or fine tuning thereof based upon your unique texture, flavor and aroma profile.
  • Consulting on cheese cultures, enzymes, rennets, cheese forms, supplies, etc.
  • Each of our clients also receive no cost educational materials such as:
    • Cheese type:  Culture and Enzyme Pairings
    • Culture Terminology and Recommended Temperature
    • Optimal pH Target range by Cheese Type
  • No sales tax with an Agriculture Exemption or Reseller’s Permit on file with our company.


  • Tier 1 Product Price Discount: $100 to $300 per order: 2%*
  • Tier 2 Product Price Discount: $301 to $700 per order: 5%*
  • Tier 3 Product Price Discount: $701 to $1,500 per order: 10%*
  • Tier 4 Product Price Discount: $1,501 to $1,999 per order: 15%*
  • Tier 5 Product Price Discount: $2,000+: 20%*

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