Commercial Account

We offer Commercial Accounts which are eligible for volume discounts

If you are a licensed commercial dairy, licensed cheesemaker, food processor for resale, licensed business and/or distributor of cheese making supplies or accredited educational institution you are eligible for a Commercial account and The Cheese Connection benefits below:

  • Consulting advice and cheese evaluation by our team.
  • Recipes or fine tuning thereof based upon your unique texture, flavor and aroma profile.
  • Consulting on cheese cultures, enzymes, rennets, cheese forms, supplies, etc.
  • Each of our clients also receive no cost educational materials such as:
    • Cheese type:  Culture and Enzyme Pairings
    • Culture Terminology and Recommended Temperature
    • Optimal pH Target range by Cheese Type
  • No sales tax with an Agriculture Exemption or Reseller’s Permit on file with our company.


  • Tier 1 Product Price Discount: $100 to $300 per order: 2%*
  • Tier 2 Product Price Discount: $301 to $700 per order: 5%*
  • Tier 3 Product Price Discount: $701 to $1,500 per order: 10%*
  • Tier 4 Product Price Discount: $1,501 to $1,999 per order: 15%*
  • Tier 5 Product Price Discount: $2,000+: 20%*

*Items excluded are: Sales priced items, shipping, sales tax and flat priced items such as salt, calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium nitrite, butter muslin and cheese cloth.  In the calculation of the overall purchase above, shipping nor tax are included in this total. 

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