About Us

Coupling Tradition with Innovation Worldwide Since 2010

We are a family of Swiss and German dairy farmers and cheesemakers from Buffalo County, Wisconsin.  Our family came from the mountains of Switzerland and Germany in 1854 to Wisconsin and carried forward to America 17 generations of old-world tradition.

In January 2010, we opened a cheesemaking supply business in Seattle, WA to meet the distribution needs of cheesemaking clients.  Our practice today still includes these old-world traditions, but with today’s innovations.

We’re proud of our products

We carry exclusive lines of cultures, geotrichums, hafnia, enzymes and coagulants by Bioprox France and Renco New Zealand.  We also carry products by Alce of Italy, CHR Hansen, Danisco/Dupont and Biena of Canada.  We carry plastic cheese forms from the five leading plastic cheese mold manufacturers in Europe.

The Cheese Connection couples old world cheese making tradition with the innovation of cultures, enzymes, coagulants, tools & supplies from France, Italy, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. We tailor cheese maker’s recipes based upon their unique sensory choice through a combination of products from different manufacturers.

Our team of consultants have backgrounds in dairy and cheese making so we understand the process from the milk to the end product. Each year, our team of consultants test new cultures, enzymes and coagulants from Europe and age these cheeses for sensory analysis. If the end product passes our sensory panel and testing by a licensed laboratory, these products are added to product offerings.

We welcome all sizes of clients and look forward to hearing from you!

If you are a licensed business or cheese maker, we encourage you to contact us to establish a commercial registration account to take advantage of volume discounts. Click here to learn more.