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Welcome to The Cheese Connection LLC new website! For licensed cheese makers who are new to The Cheese Connection, please complete the Registration page.  We will review your online application for approval and notify you of acceptance and the discounts you are eligible for.

Coupling Tradition with Innovation Worldwide Since 2010

The Cheese Connection couples old world cheese making tradition with the innovation of cultures, enzymes, coagulants, tools & supplies from France, Italy, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. We tailor cheese maker’s recipe based upon their unique sensory choice through a combination of products from different manufacturers. We offer Bioprox France, Biena, CHR Hansen, Danisco, DSM, Renco and many tools & supplies.

Our team of consultants have backgrounds in dairy and cheese making so we understand the process from the milk to the end product. Each year, our team of consultants test new cultures, enzymes and coagulants from Europe and age these cheeses for sensory analysis. If the end product passes our sensory panel and testing by a licensed laboratory, these products are added to product offerings. If you are a licensed business or cheese maker, we encourage you to contact us to establish a commercial registration account to take advantage of volume discounts.

What Our Clients Say

Twin Sisters Creamery

Kallijah stands at the cheese vat with you explaining what the cultures are doing and helped refine our culture blend for our Whatcom Farmhouse White Cheese.  What a wonderful resource right here in Washington state so we do not need to wait for a consultant to come from the Midwest!!  We were recognized for this cheese at ACS 2018!  Thank you Kallijah!!

Valley Ford Cheese

Kallijah, we wanted to Thank You for helping refine our Gorgonzola recipe.  We had hired and worked with another consultant for over two years and no matter what we did the Gorgonzola was not creamy.  You worked with us on refining our cultures and introduced some French cultures that have made all the difference in the world!  We won Gold at the California State Fair this year and wanted to share this award with you and tell you Thank You!!!

Jenn Pagano, Gatekepper Logistics, Inc.

Good afternoon, I wanted to let you know what a great surprise it was to receive my order today considering I had ordered on Tuesday!  Had I known priority mail from WA to PA and your quick fulfillment would take 2 days, i would have ordered much more.  I ordered on 8/29 cultures, etc. from a place in NY (which is 1 state away) and still haven't received it due to product delays overseas.  Be assured that if that order hasn't shipped by tomorrow, I'll be placing my order with you or in the near future!!

Lois Reichert, Reichert's Dairy Air, Iowa

I have been meaning to call and tell you that I figured out the dosage on the liquid Geo and it is AMAZING! It has taken my Robiola from great to out of this world! Thank you for bringing Bioprox here and I can't wait to try some new things next year!

Kenneth Fuhr

Review for Forma Formaggio Mold, #33761 w/Top CollarThis is an excellent mold, very stury with small feet to help with draining.  There are plenty of side and bottom holes also to help with draining.  It will hold curd from 4 gallons of milk with no problem.  I have used this mold several times and have had no problems with it.

Dimity Cottage

Italian Made Cheese Trier - 7 cmWhat a beautiful addition to my cheese making kitchen.  Very well made and will certainly suit my 1 kg size cheese that I make and the price was well below any other cheese supplier I could find!

Chase Knowlin

Product:  Yogurt Culture Type I by Biena.Excellent customer support and high quality products.  The Cheese Connection customer representative will answer phone, text and email questions.  A great resource and extremely knowledgeable too. 


I love it!  A curd cutter for the home cheesemaker at an affordable price.  Works great!  Thank You Cheese Connection!!!

Dimitry Cottage

Ashes to Ashes:  Cheese Ash ShakerSo please to have received this cheese ash shaker.  It has a fine mesh so I can easily distribute the cheese ash in a microfine layer over my cheeses, plus I have no more black fingers!


Completely awesome!   Curd CutterThis is a great product for stainless steel pots!  Works great for cutting the curds!


Pleasantly surprised.  5 Stars!Product:  Cheese Draining Bag and StandWhen I took this out of the box, I was unimpressed.  I was sure it would be too small for a gallon batch of chevre, but, it perfectly held the curds and made pouring and hanging so easy!  I am happy I purchased this item.  A great find!

Sound Creamery and Dairy

PAR Molds.We were using the expensive Kadova molds with liners until Kallijah introduced us to the PAR mold series.  These are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and inexpensive too.  We just ordered a full replacement series to replace our Kadova molds!

Kenneth Fuhr

Tome/St. Paulin Mold and Follower Lid reviewThis mold is excellent and very sturdy. The follower lid fits very well with no binding.  This mold will handle curd from 6 gallons of milk easily.  I like this mold so well after trying the first one, I ordered a second one.  I have used the molds several times and have had no problems with it.  I clean this mold in the dishwasher and have had no problems with it warping.


Good and Versatile.  5 Stars!Product:  6 Italian Cheese Molds, #632ADon't like round cheese?  Then these are for you!  They work for most cheese.  I use them for Feta, Queso and Havarti for example.  Thank You Cheese Connection for carrying these inexpensive molds for the home cheesemaker!

Boyd Southam

Apertif Cheese Molds AB, 12 per yearOk, so you are not going to pass these onto your children.  They are lightweight but I still expect to use multiple times.  They held up to sterilization in a pan of water on the stove fine.I made a batch of two bite brie with them they turned out great.  Holes are large enough to drain well, but without loosing much curd.  The resulting pattern is great!  I don't think I would try to use these for fun size cheddar for anything that needs pressing, but at the price of $3.50, I wish I had picked up a 2nd dozen to allow for a larger batch size. I made brie from a 1/2 gallon of milk and just got the curd into the 12 I bought.  I'm now thinking nugget sized blue cheeses?  Hum................


Best Cheesecloth yet:  Plyban Cheese Cloth.Easy to use, easy to clean and reuse.  Price can't be beat anywhere!

Dimitry Cottage

Cheese Brush:  Oeko Cheese BrushIdeal for getting a more professional look to my cheeses.  I have not seen these in Australia and was so pleased The Cheese Connection would ship to me overseas.

Dayne Johansen

Cheese Cave:  Was as expected.The website was easy to navigate and I could find what I wanted and was delivered as promised.  The product is no high tech product so I got what I expected per the product description and inexpensive price.  Works great!

A Loyal Client of The Cheese Connection LLC

Bioprox TPC cultures:  Thermophilic culture (fast acidifying culture)I used the culture to make a Mozzarella cheese in the traditional pH method.  This method has always taken me a long time and I was hoping that the faster acidifying culture would speed up the process.  Along with the recipe that Kallijah provided to us, it was a total success and delicious too!


Enjoyed using the kit:  $19.95 Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese KitI want to say that I enjoyed using the kit.  It contained everything needed to make Mozzarella cheese including pictures and step-by-step instructions.  This kit helped us reach our goal of making cheese.  The kit even included directions on how to calibrate the thermometer that came with the kit.  Very thorough.  An excellent kit at a very afffordable price for 30 batches of Mozzarella cheese!

Irene Deem

Apertif Molds, 12 per orderThey are so cute, right out of Alice in Wonderland!

David L.

We considered moving to The Cheese Connection as early as 2013 and are happy we finally did.  We chose to give our other distributor another chance and it wasn't a good experience.  We had worked with Kallijah and identified pricing and volume needs and she confirmed that The Cheese Connection would be able to meet our requirements.  Even after she had gone to great lengths to find some culture strains for us in the market, we felt we should give our current distributor another chance.  We explained this to her and she graciously said, "If you should ever change your mind, just call us back and we will be here."  Unfortunately, this year we had a large order from one of our current organic store customers and the supplier we gave another chance couldn't meet our culture order.  We called Kallijah and she moved extremely fast and we had specialty cultures to us within one week so we could still meet our client's demands.  Needless to say, we are now a customer of The Cheese Connection.  Great service, excellent selection, competitive prices and a calm demeanor throughout our entire ordeal!

Mark Leisen

The Cheese Connection is a fantastic resource for all cheesemaking supplies. They have a great variety of cultures and the biggest supply of cheese molds around. Prices are very competitive. Kallijah is always willing to answer any question or fulfill a special request. Definitely one of my go-to cheesemaking suppliers and I highly recommend them.

Katie Moore

Best selection, service & prices online. Looking forward to ordering enough to be a part of their loyalty program.·

Carolyn Driscoll Lawson

I ordered a Cheese Connection product from Amazon,   Amazon really messed up my order. I called the Cheese Connection directly. Not only were they friendly and very willing to correct Amazon's mistake, they send it out on a Saturday from Washington state and I got it in Charlotte, NC on Monday!!  Great service. Will order from them directly next time!!!

Donald Mitchell, Jackrabbit Ranch Cheese

Fast and friendly service, great selection,and great technical support!  Thank you, Kallijah, for all that you do for us!

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